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Most people don’t consider buying cosmetics for skin. They simply search for the functions they are looking for and then take the product off the shelves to bring home. They don’t pay attention to the ingredients of the products, and even if they react to it, they simply throw it away and purchase another. The same thing happens over and over again, without any thought to what could be the cause of the reaction. Some people even take the step of not paying any focus on the expiry date or shelf life, which means that they use it beyond the date of expiration!. Does that sound scary? I am sure of it.

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If your skin is sensitive or have been allergic to pollen or your surroundings before, there are high chances that you will react to products containing certain substances such as paraben. It is therefore important to know the ingredients in skincare products. Eczema, hives and swelling are a few adverse effects of skincare products that you are allergic to. Parabens and other ingredients are present in the majority of skin care products available today; chances are you have had a skin care product that contains paraben, is not allergy tested, is comedogenic and has no shelf life observation.If this hasn’t got you thinking of being more aware of the chemicals found in your skincare products then maybe dealing with the need to pay attention to the following topics within your skincare products can aid you.

Perhaps the wide-spread use of parabens in cosmetics could be described as a scourge, since they can help prolong the product’s shelf life. Although in very few instances parabens can cause skin irritation like; breakouts, redness, and more. Parabens are found in various forms and guard against different microorganisms in our everyday products for skin care. One could be sensitive to a particular kind of paraben but not to the other. People like this usually stay away from all kinds of parabens to stay safe. Parabens have been around for many years, but there are many rumors about the use of parabens. Parabens can cause cancer, which is the primary reason behind its use. It can cause breast cancer by accumulating in antiperspirants containing parabens. This is more than
There are many reasons to select paraben-free products.

The skin test, the blood test, or elimination diet are all employed to carry out an allergy test. The tests are conducted under the constant, careful supervision of a specialist who is trained in the most effective methods for assessing and treating allergies. There are three (3) methods for allergy skin testing. There are three (3) common methods of allergy skin testing that include the skin testing with a prick (or scratch test) and the patch test. It is recommended for anyone who has a reaction to different cosmetics or food. This is a sign of sensitivity that can be detected and prevented.

What does “comedogenic” mean? According to the American Academy of Dermatology,”a “comedo” is an “acne lesions”. It’s a blockage that is caused by excessive sebum. This is the main cause of skin issues, such as pimples and acne. Comedogenic In terms of products, is a term that tend to block one’s pores and cause acne.
Non-comedogenic skincare products, on other hand, might not necessarily prevent pimples, acne and other skin problems, they do not encourage the production of excess sebum which in turn reduces the pores, and acne production increases. Non-comedogenic items also decrease oil production. If you have oily skin it is best to avoid comedogenic substances. So, if you’re seeking smooth skin, it’s advisable you go for non-comedogenic items, and products that do not contain they are available in a variety of variety, e.g. moisturizers, cleansers, body lotions, creams e.t.c.
What is shelf life observation?
A product can be shelf-lifed, but it is a product that has a shelf-life. Shelf life could be said to be the time period during which a product is deemed to be usable in a specific state and in a particular storage condition. This differs from an expiry date which is merely a time stamp that is affixed to the batch by the producer. The distinction between them isn’t always evident, and it is important to be aware of it.
The expiry date is the time that the effectiveness of a product decreases and the product might be less beneficial to use, while shelf life is the time taken by the content of a substance to be reduced to 90 percent or more. It is the length of time for which products can be stored.

From this you can see the importance of use of paraben free, non-comedogenic products, and also the importance of observing shelf life are made crystal clear and if you are looking for the top products that possess all of these qualities plus more, Phyllite is the way to go. Our products are made from the highest quality natural ingredients and tested to ensure you receive the highest quality results every day and forever.

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