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New Building Project

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In June 2003 the monks finalised an ambitious new plan for the construction of the new monastery. The new plan enables new facilities to be built stage by stage, as adequate funding becomes available.

The new project consists of three parts: a monastic building, hostel accommodation for the monks, and a school building.

Plan of the new monastery  showing the new monastery flanked on either side by accomodation for the monks, with a separate school building, all surrounded by gardens

In the plan above, the monastic building can be seen bottom centre, flanked on both sides by the two halves of the hostel accomodation for the monks. To the right is the school building. The whole development is surrounded by gardens.

The monastery

The new monastery building will be three stories high. The main features will be the large prayer hall, alter, Tara Shrine and Gonkhang Shrine. In addition, the building will contain office space and living accomodation for monks and visiting lamas. At the very top of the building will be a library.

The estimated cost of this building, at June 2003, was approximately US$92,575.

Hostel accomodation for the monks

The hostel has been designed in two halves, and when completed will provide a kitchen, dining room, meeting hall, office, toilets, and twenty-four bedrooms.

The accomodation will be built in two phases. The first phase is estimated to cost US$48,936, with the whole project costing US$89,497.

Thanks to the kind sponssorship of the Embassy of Finland, New Delhi, work has now started on building the hostel. Please view our slideshow of the construction of the hostel.

The monastery school

This building will contain four large classrooms, and four smaller study areas. The whole building will be well ventilated, with ample natural light. A six-foot wide veranda will provide an additional shaded area that can be used for study or other activities.

The estimated cost of the school building is US$20,762.


If you would like to make a donation towards the cost of building the new monastery please contact:

Acharya Guru Gyaltsen, Tsechen Damchos Ling, Village No. 1, P.O. Tibetan Colony,Mundgod 581 411, Disst. N.K. Karnataka, India. E-mail: g2bts@sancharnet.in


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