Our Doctors, Our Leaders, They Destroyed Our Health Sector!

Wellbeing they say is riches. This truism is valid! In any case, how genuine have we taken this issue of wellbeing? It has likewise been said, how you make your bed is the manner by which you lie on it.

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How we esteem an issue decides how we handle it. Our wellbeing area is at the skirt of being obliterated and until the public authority makes an unequivocal move, it will be shocking. No undesirable country can at any point produce solid residents.

There was a period our wellbeing area was functioning admirably. You simply stroll into a medical clinic and you will perceive how organized they were and how they will take care of you. Private medical clinics were not an issue by any means, and they were not many. Medications were accessible, administrations were delivered unreservedly, and polished skill was esteemed. Everyone does his/her function admirably. Nationalism was at the bleeding edge, yet some place along the line we missed it.

Aside the casual disposition of the public authority on wellbeing area, the specialists assumed a fundamental part in annihilating our wellbeing area. Presently I realize you may figure this might be a fake charge, however before you jump on me, follow me tenderly. Presently, on the off chance that you have been going to the medical clinic you will concur with what I am going to advise you.

To begin with, Monetary addition got the most piece of them as against attempting to save mankind. This worm has crawled into their texture to the degree that they failed to remember humankind and are chasing mammon! Furthermore, they began redirecting patients to their private facilities which they began or their associates’ centers and emergency clinics accordingly, they concentrate on the public medical clinics which greater part of the general population may appreciate: Also any beneficial thing the public authority accommodates the public medical clinics, at whatever point it is advantageous they redirect to their private facilities or medical clinics. This has antagonistically influenced the public clinics and since the time then, at that point, we have not recuperated.

Government also was not improving the situation. The way of life of oversight and examination kicked the bucket, where there is, it was not done truly yet just ceremoniously. The overseers ordinarily do it for their pockets just: The foundation were left haggard with no consideration; our emergency clinics currently appear as though piggeries, wherever smelling in a country God so honored and blessed with a great deal however initiative.


The way and way our chiefs travel abroad for clinical exams and treatment is a demonstration of majority disapproval on our wellbeing framework; that should be fixed by them however dishonorably, they desert all that and pack our ward, I mean to our detriment going to add to the abundance of different countries! What’s going on with? For what reason should our chiefs consistently be traveling to another country for clinical medicines when we have qualified specialists? Assuming those countries didn’t strive to foster their wellbeing areas to that norm, what might they have done? All they need to manage their work successfully is to give the important gear to the work. However, No! They like to travel abroad for treatment. Envision President Donald Trump of America going to India for clinical treatment! We need to change our disposition toward country building. Nobody else will construct our country for us, it is just in Nigeria I realize that you possibly redesign and clean your home when you are going to get a significant visitor. This need to change: pioneers are anticipating that the led should change when they, at the end of the day, are not able to change. A decent pioneer causes a model and devotees to track.

In the 2016 spending plan, N3.87 billion was distributed as capital portion in the financial plan for State Clinic which is more than all the government showing emergency clinics in the nation yet; drugs shortage hit the facility last year. The President made a trip to UK for treatment and as at the hour of composing this article, President Muhammadu Buhari is now in the UK for another treatment. The inquiry is what number of individuals approach the state house facility? What’s more, contrast it with the bigger people that can’t bear the cost of normal Panadol. As per Vanguard, the Senior Special Adviser to the President on (Media and Publicity), Garba Shehu in an explanation clarified that the State House Clinic isn’t the President’s or anybody’s very own center yet one which cares for government authorities and others. As per him, expanded spending on government wellbeing organizations in the current financial plan ought to be found in the light of President Buhari organization’s arrangement to work on clinical offices at home, just as debilitate clinical the travel industry by residents which sway contrarily on the country’s unfamiliar hold. These were the expressions of Garba Shehu promotion word for word! Be that as it may, what do we see? All things considered, I leave it there to pass judgment.

My interpretation of this is, if truly they need to further develop government wellbeing foundation to debilitate clinical the travel industry by residents which sway adversely on the country’s unfamiliar save, purposeful exertion ought to have been made to do precisely that. In the event that that cash is being put to utilize, it will be reachable, yet up to that point, Mr. President has gone on clinical the travel industry.

Presently you can perceive any reason why I said our chiefs helped in obliterating our wellbeing framework! When are we going to take care of business? For what reason would it be a good idea for us to financial plan such enormous amounts of monies yet still travel to another country for a similar reason? The appropriate response is that, our chiefs have passed a demonstration of majority disapproval on our wellbeing framework, and besides, on the grounds that they can bear the cost of the clinical the travel industry as indicated by Mr. Garba Shehu not caring either way if less special Nigerians can’t manage the cost of it. All things considered, they have left us to our destiny! It is presently “To your tents O Israel!” It is a disgrace! A disgrace to any pioneer who permits such to occur during their system. Pioneers should realize that God brings them there for a reason and that it’s anything but a chance to serve individuals of God. Hence, in serving, work well for.

Taking everything into account, it is the commitment of each capable government to give social conveniences like streets, schools, medical clinics, drugs and so on, Any administration that miss the mark regarding this is essentially flighty. This isn’t intended to chastise the public authority yet a clarion call to awaken to its duties.

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