Dear Dallas- Thank You for Bringing Your “Rookie” Quarterback to Seattle

A messed up 19-yard-field-objective endeavor on fourth down with just 79 seconds left caused the Dallas Cowboys to be one point short and one yard shy of a first down as the Seattle Seahawks held tight to progress in the 2006 NFC end of the season games, beating the Cowboys 21-20 at home in Seattle. 

While there was fault enough to pass around for the misfortune in the special case game, the last mix-up came when “newbie” quarterback Tony Romo failed to keep a grip on the ball on Martin Gramatica’s 19-yard-field-objective endeavor. Visit :- เว็บแทงบอลน้ำดี

Romo, the holder, gotten the ball neatly yet bobbled the ball while setting it down for Gramatica’s endeavor. Romo attempted to hurry into the end zone on the play however was held back by Jordan Babineaux’s down saving tackle at the 2-yard line, one yard shy of a first down. 

Untested quarterbacks who become starters verifiably botch in defining moments, and Romo didn’t disillusion. He didn’t come up with any reasons for costing Dallas the triumph and headway in the season finisher game, and Romo merits credit for bearing the responsibility. 

He was the holder on kicks for the Cowboys a year ago prior to supplanting Drew Bledsoe this year. He bloomed into a Pro Bowl pick by winning five of his initial six beginnings and turning the Dallas season around by then. Romo’s quick beginning and large insights self-destructed rapidly as the season advanced. 

Numerous cash players (counting myself) wager Seattle to win behind Matt Hasselbeck’s experience and Romo’s freshness in the end of the season games. 

Exactly as expected, Hasselbeck was 18-of-36 for 240 yards with two scores and two interferences, the two of which brought about Dallas field objectives. Matt Hasselbeck was a Pro Bowl pick a year ago however was annoyed by wounds and a more vulnerable hostile line this year. 

Romo was 17-of-29 for 189 yards and a score and no turnovers, yet all it took was the bungled kick endeavor to damage his work. 

Shoved aside all insights, the ball obviously skiped appropriate for Seattle and wrong for Dallas, yet that is the reason we play the game. As a Seattle Seahawk fan, it nearly abandons saying that I love first year beginning quarterbacks playing for the rival group.

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